Safely store Ether and tokens with 2 factor authentication.

Safely store Ether and tokens with 2 factor authentication.

The Gnosis Safe aims to provide all users with a convenient, yet secure way to manage their funds and interact with decentralized applications on Ethereum.

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Personal Edition

The Gnosis Safe Personal Edition is targeting individual users using 2 or more factor authentication through native mobile apps for Android and iOS in combination with a browser extension.

Team Edition

The Gnosis Safe Team Edition is geared towards teams managing shared crypto funds. It is an improvement of the existing Gnosis MultiSig wallet with redesigned smart contracts, cheaper setup and transaction costs as well as an enhanced user experience.NOT AVAILABLE YET. COMING SOON!

Why we are building
the Gnosis Safe

When storing funds on Ethereum, there usually are huge trade-offs between security and usability. Read more about this topic in our blog post.

How the Gnosis Safe will become the standard in secure fund management on Ethereum:

Usable and accessible for both new and advanced users

The Gnosis Safe makes as much of the underlying technology as transparent as possible, and hides complex concepts such as gas limit, gas price, or private keys from the user. The user does not need to hold ETH anywhere else than inside the Safe to make a transaction, and there is no need to select a gas price, limit, or the connecting node. Everyone, regardless of their experience level, will be provided with a seamless and straight-forward user experience.

Quickly set up your wallet and manage transactions

We specifically simplified the process of setting up a multi-signature wallet, and thus deploying smart contracts for all future transactions performed by the Safe. Users only have to keep funds inside their multi-sig wallet and not in any externally managed Ethereum accounts.

Easily recover your funds

This is currently being researched. Will be part of a future version. Losing funds should hardly be possible anymore, neither through a lack of knowledge, carelessness, or potential hacks. With the Gnosis Safe, we are currently researching recovery mechanisms leveraging know-your-customers (KYC) providers based on smart contracts. If people lost access to their funds, they could leverage a decentralized network of KYC providers to verify their identity and change the keys on their wallet. These mechanisms need to be designed very carefully to ensure recoverability and security of customer funds. Neither Gnosis, nor any other third party involved should be able to take over accounts.

Conveniently interact with decentralized applications

Will be part of a future version. The Safe will integrate with other Gnosis Products, such as the DutchX and prediction markets. We will also allow for seamless integration with 3rd party decentralized applications

Gnosis Safe Bounty Program

Please submit a bug or vulnerability via email.