The most secure way to manage your crypto funds

Secure by design

2-Factor Authentication

Use the Gnosis Safe Authenticator to further increase the security of your wallet.

Formal Verification

While our code is always audited, we’ve gone one step further and formally verified the Gnosis Safe smart contracts.

Crypto without the hassle


Interaction with dApps made easy. With WalletConnect you can connect to dApps securely within seconds.

Fee Payment

The Gnosis Safe allows you to save your ETH and pay network fees with ERC-20 tokens.

ENS Integration

Send funds to names, rather than cryptic addresses.

You are in control


Nobody else, including Gnosis, will ever be able to access, modify or freeze your funds.

Multiple Safes

Manage different portfolios under designated Gnosis Safes.

Open Source

The Gnosis Safe source code is fully available under the GNU GPLv3 license. Dig into the code or add custom modules to your Safe.

Get started!

  1. Download the Gnosis Safe Mobile App on iOS or Android

  2. Follow the instructions in the app and create your Gnosis Safe Wallet
  3. Optional: Install the Gnosis Safe Authenticator on Chrome

Dear Developers, the Gnosis Safe is a fully open-source project. Check out the code on Github, learn more about how it works in our documentation, and try to find a bug to earn up to $50,000.

Sincerely, Gnosis